Free Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tijong 


(I’m just gonna copy paste what they say about this.)

"On April 3, 2014, the Jakarta International School Community was shocked by the news that a crime of a sexual nature had allegedly occurred at the School. At the time, several outsourced cleaning personnel were accused as perpetrators.

We were initially supportive of the mother of the alleged victim, although surprised when she sued the School for US$ 12.5 million dollars. When she increased her claim to US$ 125 million, we were shocked.   Regrettably, we now question whether she is really interested in finding the truth, or perhaps just interested in money.

The parents of two more kindergarteners now have made allegations against the school’s staff and have suggested that they may bring civil claims. Following their lead, the mother of the first alleged victim has changed her claims to include JIS staff. The school administrator Neil Bantleman (a citizen of Canada), teaching assistant Ferdinant Tjiong (a citizen of Indonesia), and the principal of the elementary school Elsa Donohue (a citizen of the United States) were listed as perpetrators to even more alleged crimes of sex abuse.

Neil, Ferdinant, and Elsa are highly respected educators from the international school community. They have exemplary professional records and we reject the baseless allegations made against them.

On July 10, 2014, Neil and Ferdinant were named as suspects.

On July 14, 2014, Neil and Ferdinant were summoned to Jakarta Police Headquarters for questioning. They were joined by representatives from the U.S. Embassy, the Canadian Embassy and the Australian Embassy, legal counsel, along with dozens of staff and families from the school community, as well as their spouses. Contrary to promises made by the Police, Neil and Ferdinant were subsequently detained by the Police and currently remain in Police custody.

As parents, students, alumni, and staff of the Jakarta International School, we have the utmost interest for JIS to continue to be a safe environment where teaching, learning and supporting activities can take place. If unlawful activity occurred at JIS, we would want the perpetrator to be detained and punished. However, prior to determining that such activity took place, we must protect innocent people from unlawful detention and damage to their professional reputations.

Indonesia is a country based on the rule of law. If the requirements to detain Neil and Ferdinant are not satisfied, then these two people must not be detained. We demand that the Police treat this case lawfully and legally for the sake of justice for all.

We, the parents, students, alumni, staff of the Jakarta International School and the general public, strongly regret the decision of the Police to name Neil and Ferdinant as suspects and to detain them. We demand that the Police immediately disclose all evidence against Neil and Ferdinant in a transparent, truthful, and lawful manner. However, if there is no sufficient and valid evidence to incriminate Neil and Ferdinant, then we demand that they be released immediately. “

This explanation does not begin to cover the ridiculousness of the situation, and how much of a front this arrest actually is. These men are being unjustly detained, and it would really help if people could promote what is going on and sign the petition here.

Hey, followers, this is probably the best school I have ever attended and is actually one of the best schools in the world, and it was my favorite school and this is just so important to me, so can you guys do me a favor and sign the petition or at least reblog this?




What if Supernatural was about two demon brother’s that went around killing hunters?

We’re halfway there



This movie is too damn hilarious for its own good.

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"Your highness" is gender neutral.

So you know, if you’re ever confused about my pronouns.

That’ll work.

alternatively, “your majesty,” “my liege,” and “supreme overlord”

please note that “your grace” is also acceptable

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“tumblr should have its own island”




Can you imagine how awesome it would be omg


  • mu RDER
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Taylor Swift for Queen of the World, via Shake It Off.

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The real difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin  




Gryffindor : Mate, I would die for you

Slytherin : I will kill for you, bro. Just give me the word, the bitch is dead

Ravenclaw: I’ll find a way we both can survive

Hufflepuff: I’ll die with you

My house identity is further confirmed

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I would love to love Clara, but…. 

After rewatching The Name of the Doctor I have a LOT to say about Clara.

As a fan I like her. I love the idea of her and her past and what she means for the show. But as a writer, I despise her. Unlike Moffat’s other female characters she does have a background: we know about her life outside of the Doctor and we know about her past. We know that she’s had a desire to travel since she was young and her mother read to her from a book of travels. We know why she wasn’t able to fulfill this desire, and we know that this unfulfilled desire is why Clara travels with the Doctor. She has a thirst for the adventure.

However, she still projects the flatness that can be seen in any of Moffat’s female characters: she is only there for the Doctor. Sure, Amy had Rory as well, and then River came from them and they had her and she had them, but their lives are so Doctor-centric. Okay, so Clara has a life at home looking after these kids, but when she’s with the Doctor, when is she not doing stuff for the Doctor? When was Amy not doing stuff for the Doctor or Rory? Once in very rare while. River? She had a life away from the Doctor, but for so much of her life she was simply a damsel in distress, waiting for her Doctor to come and help her out, etc. It made more sense once they were married, but…okay, River is for a different time.

Clara. Clara, Clara, Clara. Throughout The Name of the Doctor she acts as the kickstarter for information, asking him what something is or why something is happening. She is there so that the Doctor doesn’t simply start monologuing out of nowhere. Then, at the end, after she has jumped into the Doctor’s time stream she lands in the middle of the wobbly-wobbly, timey-wimey mess that is his life, and what does she do? She immediately breaks down and says, “I don’t know where I am.” Okay, Clara, as much as I like the idea of you, why can’t you just get up and walk around, at least TRY to find out where you are before breaking down? This, ladies and gentlemen, is Moffat’s writing. He’s trying (not very hard) not to make a Mary Jane out of Clara.

Let me explain what I mean by that last sentence. When I say “Mary Jane” I am referring to the Mary Jane in the original Spider-man films. Throughout the whole series she is always there for Peter. She’s there to worry about him, to watch him lovingly from afar, to cause twists in his love life, to have someone for Peter to save…in short, to make Peter look good. Only once does she ever have a point in which SHE needs PETER (and even then he pushes her away and goes to do his own thing because WHY SHOULD HE HELP HER OUT THE ONE TIME SHE NEEDS IT AFTER BEING SUPPORTIVE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS). In The Name of the Doctor Moffat gives a feeble attempt at this when Clara is crying on the ground, oh so confused and not knowing to do. He doesn’t give it any support. He doesn’t let Clara even try to find her way out. He doesn’t allow her to look around. He doesn’t permit her to give her own abilities a go before crying out for the Doctor’s help. No. Instead, she falls to the ground and the Doctor gives her strength in the form of a leaf to keep her going, and then in half a minute he’s there. Question: what was the point in giving her the leaf of hope if the Doctor was practically behind her?

I’m getting a little off track again. Basically, like many of the other female characters Moffat writes, Clara “Oswin” Oswald, while she may have some background that most other female characters in Moffat’s era of Doctor Who do not have, only exists to make the Doctor look good by pining after him even though he’s never going to reciprocate her feelings, by being there for him when his life is rough, by sharing adventures with him, and by being someone for the Doctor to save.

*Later addition: I loved the idea of Clara, the Impossible Girl, the person who was such an enigma to the Doctor that he went after her. However, what changed my mind about that and, ultimately, all of Moffat’s writing, was the one line, “I am the Impossible Girl, and I was born to save the Doctor.” Um. Excuse me? No, Moffat. She was not “born to save the Doctor”. That makes her only purpose in life to save the Doctor, but if you’re continuing having her as a companion, then that is obviously not true, unless you’re planning on continuing the arc of her having jumped into the Doctor’s time stream. If you’re going to include this line in your script, then you either need to kill of Clara at the end of the episode so that she definitely was born solely to save the Doctor, or you have to make it clear that that arc is going to continue…at least drop some sort of hint! That, I honestly believe, is what any decent writer would do. If you don’t plan on doing either of those things, then take the line out of the script!

I know none of you probably care about this, and obviously Moffat must be a much more skilled writer than I am or whatever and so that’s why he’s writing for Doctor Who and I’m not and if I think my ideas are so great then why don’t I go write for Doctor Who (because 1. they wouldn’t hire me, and 2. even if they did I would much rather work in international relations than I would screen writing), but here is how I would have done Clara’s arc this past season and how I would continue it:

  • Since Clara jumped into the Doctor’s time stream she should know about the Doctor’s past and future companions, so I would like to have seen her, in The Day of the Doctor, have some sort of reaction when the War Doctor says “Bad Wolf”. Probably not like Ten’s reaction, but I would have liked to have seen some sort of recognition in her eyes. Or, maybe BECAUSE she had jumped into the Doctor’s time stream she would have been able to see the manifestation of the box in the form of the Bad Wolf.
  • Since Clara jumped into the FUTURE Doctor’s time stream, in The Time of the Doctor I would have liked her to tell the Doctor when he tells her that he’s going to die, “Doctor, I saw you in the future. You have so many more lives left.” Or maybe a hint somewhere that a future Doctor recognized her when she had jumped into the time stream and had told her not to mention anything about it to her Doctor when he regenerated.
  • I would like her to appear in at least one Capaldi episode as the version of her that jumped into the Doctor’s time stream. Maybe they could have that Clara interacting with Twelve’s Clara. Or possibly she just appears in the background of a scene, maybe as a younger version of herself, one that’s meant to save Thirteen or Fourteen or something.
  • How about we have an episode where Clara’s become a pro at traveling with the Doctor and she and the Doctor become completely and absolutely separated – no contact whatsoever – and it’s a season finale so everything is super intense and they had a plan, but it didn’t include their getting separated, but the Doctor has enough confidence in her to go on with the plan anyhow, so he continues with his side of the plan (maybe with a time stream-jumping Clara) and Clara goes on and does her side of the plan and has to do some ass-kicking and even comes across one area where she knew the Doctor should have gotten to already, and at first she’s completely unsure of what to do because it involves a lot of Time Lord-y, science-y, time-y stuff, but she knows that she has to do it in order to defeat the enemy, even if she may die because of doing it and even though the fact that the Doctor hadn’t gotten there yet might mean that he’s dead and probably even though the Doctor told her not to do that part without him under any conditions, and she solves it all and it turns out that the Doctor was dying wherever he was, but she saved him and maybe she dies but maybe she doesn’t. Whatever. I just want some BAMF Clara and some imitative-taking Clara.
  • I would have put more emphasis on Clara’s past and how it all connects with her present and her future. I would have stressed the small details, like the missing numbers in the front of her book. I would have had Clara crying at some point but persisting on nonetheless, because from what I’ve seen of Clara (besides the parts where Moffat has her break down and do next to nothing), that is what she would do. In order to build more of a connection between her home life and her life with the Doctor, I would have incorporated the kids more in some episodes. How awesome would it be if the Doctor forced Clara to stay put somehow, or the adventure was in present-day Earth…or somehow Clara ends up back at home and she’s trying to find something out, or she’s sulking a bit, and the kids ask her what’s up, and she mutters something about the Doctor and an alien attack and whatever else, but in a discreet way so as not to worry them, and they just look at each other then back to her, then they go into one of their history textbooks and show her something that has to do with the thing (maybe on the page that has a picture of her in it), or they drag her downtown to a thing that will ultimately help with the big thing, and by whatever means, what they show her aides Clara and the Doctor in saving the world.
  • As I’m on this track about what I would do with Clara, I would like to have an episode where Russell T. Davies and Moffat collaborate on an episode where Martha comes back with Mickey (because even though as a fan and Ten/Rose shipper I disliked Martha, as a writer I loved her), and then we could really see the difference between Russell and Moffat’s characters and we could see how Ten and Eleven’s companions interact with one another (because overall they have very different personalities…mostly due to the Moffat vs. Davies styles of writing).

I think this just about sums up everything I think of Clara somehow.

What say I do this about River next? (She needs to show up in later episodes.)

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When a game has “And you.” in the special thanks section of the credits.


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what i planned to do this summer

  1. paint and make art
  2. hang out with friends
  3. exercise 

what i actually did

  1. cried
  2. blogged
  3. ruined every friendship i have
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Can’t believe the horrific use of green face in guardians of the galaxy. As if us shrek-kin haven’t been oppressed enough already in today’s ogrephobic society.

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breaking a mutual more like



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